6 Conferences in China for MUN Delegates


MUN Conferences in China
MUN Conferences in China


Why wouldn’t you combine your next trip to China with a MUN conference experience? We’ve compiled a list below of the 6 most interesting conferences you can attend in The Middle Kingdom. Some of them do not have dates yet for 2020, but keep checking this page for updates. Let us know if we missed any you think that’s worth being added to the list!

  1. Harvard Model United Nations China (HMUN China)
    19 – 22 March 2020, Beijing
    At HMUN China, we are proud that our educational mission extends beyond the committee room. We are excited to provide programming such as Global Village and director panels, which provide valuable opportunities for cultural exchange and understanding. We are also honored to be holding HMUN China in Beijing, a city with an incredibly rich history and one that has become a center for international diplomacy and intercultural dialogue.

  2. World Youth Economic Forum (WYEF)
    30 July – 3 August 2020, Shanghai
    The World Youth Economic Forum is the ‘Davos for students’. It is a yearly event in Shanghai with over 900 middle to high school attendees. This unique student conference which might give the impression of a Model United Nations (MUN Conference) to some, is an event is co-hosted by the Global Undergraduate Economic Forum and ASDAN from the UK. The Global Undergraduate Economic Forum is a student think-tank based at Yale University in the United States of America. It is a platform for undergraduate students across the Ivy League and other higher education institutions to debate issues of global importance in economics, international relations, politics, finance and development.

  3. Massachusetts Institute of Technology Model United Nations Conference China (MITMUNC China)
    August 2020, Shanghai
    The MIT Model United Nations Conference (MITMUNC) is very proud to announce the first branch of our conference outside of the United States, MITMUNC China! In 2019, it consisted of six unique committees, each directed by MIT undergraduate students. All committee directors had previously chaired for our flagship MITMUNC conference, held annually at MIT in the early spring, and had a great experience with this unique cross-cultural opportunity.

  4. International Model United Nations China (IMUNChina)
    28 – 31 July 2019, Nanjiing
    International Model United Nations (IMUN) brings youth together from around the world to learn and share ideas from a diverse set of experiences and backgrounds where the Executive board, International Press and International Delegates consolidate to learn about diplomacy, international relations, and the United Nations.

  5. Cornell Model United Nations Conference China (CMUNC China)
    19 – 21 August 2019, Zhuji
    Cornell Model United Nations Conference China (CMUNC China) is an annual high school model UN conference hosted in China. CMUNC China aims to simulate the workings of United Nations and other international bodies through high-level debates and collaborative opportunities. By assuming the roles of diplomats and UN officials, delegates will gain an insight towards the dynamics and complexities of solving real international relations issues.

  6. Beijing Model United Nations (BEIMUN)
    27 Feb – 1 March 2020, Beijing
    The Model United Nations program in Beijing is an extension of The Hague International Model United Nations (THIMUN). As an affiliate, BEIMUN seeks to reflect the ideas and principles of a peaceful post Cold War world. The Coordinators of the program believe that this world order more accurately reflects the original motives of the authors of the 1945 San Francisco Charter than events following the Potsdam Conference of the same year. It is our hope that BEIMUN will continue to act as another regional center of THIMUN conference affiliates helping to revitalize the original ideals of the United Nations.