Explore Business in Shanghai
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Shanghai-China’s largest megalopolis, is not like anywhere else in the world. This city offers many spectacular views and different perspectives, ancient and modern, Eastern and Western, high-speed and slow-paced. Shanghai is a pulsating city that never sleeps. It is an island of commerce, finance and trade with an unmatched energy that gives a constant feeling of opportunity to anyone who goes there. … Read More

Explore Beijing
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From learning Chinese to watching an amazing acrobatic performance and attending a Kongfu master’s class, students will have a vast exposure to different aspects of Chinese culture while exploring Beijing. We focus on providing unique experiences, such as spending a night on the Great Wall of China and experiencing traditional cooking classes.… Read More

Discover Shanghai
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Shanghai is a modern metropolitan city, which is underlined with traditional Chinese cultural characteristics, bursting at the seams with its own unique charm.
Discover Shanghai is tailor made for those who do not have much time but want to see it all. Talk to us if you want to personalise it even more!… Read More

The Silk Road
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Linking the East and the West, The Silk Road played a major role in commodity exchange as well as acting as cultural bridge between those 2 regions. As we believe in continuous skill improvement, this Silk Road tour is also an opportunity for students to experience the route through field research and be the director of their own documentary. Join us on this 14 day trip with stops in the city of Urumichi, the desert of Dunhuang and at the must see Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an.… Read More