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Round 1: 17 - 29 July 2020
Round 2: 04 - 16 August 2020

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The Silk Road


This Silk Road educational tour takes students on the route linking the East and the West. The Silk Road played a major role in commodity exchange as well as acting as cultural bridge between those 2 regions. Join a group of Chinese & International students and travel to unique places that you might have not heard of. Join us on this 14-day trip with stops in the city of Urumichi, the desert of Dunhuang, the Tibetan Highlands and at the must see Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an.
Camping in The Dunhuang Desert
Witness the sunset over the Dunhuang desert and spend a night under the an amazing stary sky.
Make Your Own Documentary
We designed the Silk Road trip to be an exciting and interactive learning experience, and what better way to learn than being the director of your very own documentary movie! Form a team, choose your topic, interviw locals edit the documentary and present it at the end of the trip!
China’s 55 Ethnic Minorities
China is the home of the Hans as well as many other ethnic minorities like the Kazakhs, Uyghur and Tibetans. Each of these minorities has its own unique lifestyle, culture and beliefs. Travel along the Silk Road and get to experience how they live!
We do Bespoke!
If you are a school teacher with a group, you love our itinerary but you would like to personalise it, talk to us!
Agenda City Breakfast Morning Lunch Afternoon Dinner Accommodation
Day 1 Shanghai Hotel Arrival Dinner Hotel
Day 2 Shanghai/
Hotel Wake up in Shanghai and fly to Urumichi to start exploring that Silk Road! Lunch You will start the amazing Silk Road adventure with an orientation session where all the international delegates and Chinese delegates can get to know each other for the first time! The team leader will also go through the agenda and explain your team task. Dinner Hotel
Day 3 Urumchi Hotel Visit the Kazak ethnic village and enjoy a traditional fresh lamb feast in Kazak nomad families! You can go hike, see a waterfall, interview the villagers,witness the Muslim lamb slaughtering ritual live, collect materials for your team documentary and further immerse yourself in this unique culture. Kazak Ethnic Village ( Lamb barbecue,salty milktea) Driving south-eastwards, on the journey to Turpan, we will pass by the world's largest wind power station where you can get an insight into China's green power ambitions. Visit Uygur family in Turpan, Talk to rural family and conduct interviews for documentary. Have an authenitc dinner with Turpan Folk dance show. Hotel
Day 4 Turpan Hotel This day will be begin by visiting the Sugong Pagoda which is an eye-catching Islamic pagoda built 200 years ago. You will also have the opportuity to interact with local Muslims and get an insight into Islam within China. Xinjiang Food Ruins of Ancient City of Jiaohe. On this day, view the ruins of Ancient City of Jiaohe. Jiaohe City was a major destination on the Silk Road Trade route until destroyed by Ghenghis Khan in the 13th century. Here you have the chance to see the relics of this city and imagine its former glory. Dinner Hotel
Day 5 Turpan Hotel Karez Base in Turpan. The total length of Karez is approximately 5000 kilometres. It’s the wisdom from ancestors from thousands years ago. The secret oasis found in that extreme dry climate is just like the blood vessels in a human body. It irrigates the vast tract of land and fosters the area. Lunch Head to the railway station to go to Dunhuang. Check in Dunhuang Dinner Hotel
Day 6 Dunhuang Hotel Dunhuang Mogao Caves - the greatest Buddhist Caves in the desert with thousands of Buddha statues and precious paintings for students to marvel at. Lunch Hang around the city to experience the Dunhuang style! Then drive into the desert where a true camping adventure is awaiting you. As well as riding camels, you will also be able to surf on those dunes! Dinner Camping at night
Day 7 Dunhuang Next to Desert A pre dawn start is essential on this morning if we want to experience the special views. Then we head to the Dunhuang Museum to know more about this ancient city. Lunch Head to railway station to go to Qinghai.Check in Xining. Dinner Hotel
Day 8 Xining Hotel Visit the museum of Tibetan Medicine to understand this mysterious branch of traditional Chinese medicine. Then we head to the Tibetan area of Tongren. Tongren ( lunch next to river) We will visit a Tibetan family to learn about their daily life, then prepare for camping where we will be able to witness the sunset in the grassland. Tibetan food Camping at night
Day 9 Tongren Special Breakfast Bask in the morning sunrise in the grasslands then hike in the village while exploring the diverse culture of the people living there– the higher you go the better the view! Lunch Visit a Tibetan Buddhist temple, religion plays a significant role in this region. Then visit a Tibetan painter. Learn about the intricate process of a Regong Art-Tangka painting. Get to understand and appreciate the arts and its significate for the people of this area. Dinner Hotel
Day 10 Xining Hotel Visit the village and interview Tibetan family to get to know their daily life and grasp a view of their special structure of their house. Lunch We head to the railway station for our next stop: Xian! Dinner Hotel
Day 11 Xian Hotel Cycle on the ancient city wall of Xian and feel rewarded with the scenic views of the ancient city. Buffet Giant Wild Goose Pagoda and the Muslim Street.Visit the Giant Wild Goose Pagoda, feel the pace of Xi'an and understand Buddhism's prosperity during the Tang Dynasty. Dinner Hotel
Day 12 Xian Hotel Visit the world famous Terra Cotta Warriors and the 8,000 terra cotta soldiers deigned to protect the first Emperor of China in his after life. This visit also serves as a great opportunity for you to collect materials for your documentary! Xian noodles Finish making your documentary with your teammates and prepare your group presentation. Enjoy the traditional Hotpot, maybe try something you never had before? Hotel
Day 13 Xian Hotel On this morning we hold the closing & award ceremony of this trip.We also take a moment to look at the amazing trip we had together! Lunch Head to railway station to go to Shanghai. Dinner on train Hotel
Day 14 Shanghai Hotel Rest/Registration Lunch WYEF Dinner Hotel

Learning Outcomes

Acquire intercultural communication & team-working skills whilst making a video documentary with your team.
Understand the history and importance of the Silk Road, and the effect it had on China as well as the West.
Understand the cultural differences between China’s various ethnic groups, and experience the diversity which
makes Western China so unique.
Understand how different cultures and religions mixed in the past compared to modern China.
Learn about the major religions and their followers, historically and today.


18 800 RMB/person
(Approx 2650 USD/ 2430 EUR/ 2085 GBP)
(Price excludes internal Shanghai - Urumiqi flight, but we can book it for you.)

School Deal! For every 7 students, 1 teacher goes for free.

What’s Included

Practically everything! (Except your international flight tickets)

All domestic ground transportation
Centrally located hotels
Daily breakfast, lunch and dinner (Unless otherwise mentioned)
Daily water bottle
Guides throughout the trip
All entrance tickets to visits


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Chinese and international students trip
Silk Road sunset