explorechina.cn is back!

We have an announcement. We are breaking up! Well for the better! 🙂

So to kickstart 2019 we decided to refresh our website! Check out the new explorechina.cn.
(Okay, it’s already March but in China the year of the Pig just started! Ha! I know I know, some of us are lucky to celebrate New Year twice! But here’s another reason for you to come visit! )

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ASDAN China, explorechina.cn who is who? You might be following us because you’ve interacted with ASDAN China or explorechina.cn or both, but we found that it was confusing for some of our participants and so we decided to finally make the cut.

ASDAN China will still continue its work as a provider of quality soft skills education to local Chinese students, complementing their school academic life.

Explorechina.cn will focus on providing international schools and international students from around the world with educational travels in China.

We will still work in close relationship with the common aim of providing unique educational experiences to students seeking each day to be better versions of themselves; may it be through explorechina.cn experiential approach or participating in ASDAN’s tested and approved courses for personal development. As you’ve noticed the connection ‘Explorechina.cn by ASDAN China’ means that we will still borrow their years’ of experience in student travels and skill education to provide exciting trips to our international participants.

Think of Kindle by Amazon, Windows by Microsoft or Jordan by Micheal Jordan…;)

We really really reeaallly value feedback.We always welcome feedback and take it forward when possible. We were told that our old website wasn’t very clear, confusing with too much information. So we listened to all of you, sat down, discussed and brought change!

So what changed? Head to explorechina.cn to check it out! New design, new videos, more simple, more straightforward and everything you need to know. If you have questions or comments, talk to us on Instagram, Facebook or leave us a message on our explorechina.cn contact form.

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Why haven’t you travelled to China yet? We know it can be daunting to travel to a new country specially one which seems so different from ours. Our aim is to share with you as much as we can about travelling to China and life in here.

Our colleagues at ASDAN China cumulate thousands of hours travelling worldwide with Chinese students (9 – 18 years old) throughout the year. We know that each student is a unique individual, but we also know that every single teacher, educator or advisor from around the world has the same 3 main priorities when it comes to travelling with student groups;
1. Safety of the group
2. Student’s Experience
3. Quality

(How do we ensure this? More in our next post!)

Their experience, as well as explorechina.cn participants, feedback help us to continuously improve our trips to be sure that we provide the best trips packed with adventure, cultural discovery and skill growth.

Our mission through this blog is to answer all your questions and clear all your doubts until China becomes THE COUNTRY on top of your bucket list. We will share tips about life in the Middle Kingdom, how to travel with a classroom in China, what to see and why it should be your school’s next destination for experiential learning.

If you would have any specific questions or anything you would like to know, send us a message here to get in touch with a real human. 🙂