China bucket list: 5 things you must do

Here are 5 items to absolutely add to your China bucket list. The Great Wall is definitely one of them but do you know the other ones? Have a read and let us know if you think we should add more!

1.Camp on the Great Wall

This may seem like an obvious one to have on a China bucket list, but we couldn’t miss it off our list! On the other hand, we are sure most of you only thought of standing on it, but what about camping on The Great Wall of China? The Great Wall spans more than 5000 miles, meaning some sections of the wall have been restored and are easily accessible to tourists. Though, other less known areas are still quite wild and untouched. We recommend you head to the unrestored areas where you can take in the beautiful scenery without having to push past all of the other tourists .You can take in the impressive sunsets and sunrises the Great Wall has to offer on our Explore Beijing trip, where our local guides bring you to the foot on the wall for an epic camping experience!

The Great Wall of China

2.Get up close with Giant Pandas

In the mountainous region of Southwest China- Sichuan Province, you can find 30% of the world’s China’s Giant Panda. These sanctuaries have been established in order to protect China’s native endangered species. The latest census reports that there are less than 2000 pandas still living in the wild in China. When visiting Sichuan Province there are a variety of different research bases to choose from, all of which allow you to see the Pandas in action and learn more about China’s efforts to save them.

China pandas

3.Experience the Harbin Ice and Snow festival

Harbin (哈尔滨) is a large industrial city located in the northeast of China, close to the border of Russia. Every year from December to February it hosts the Harbin Ice and Snow Festival, an event that lasts for around a month and showcases some of the world’s most impressive ice and snow creations. As well as admiring the ice and snow sculptures, you can also try out a huge range of winter activities such as ice fishing, sledding and skating. Just make sure to wrap up extremely warm when you visit, temperatures can drop to an eye watering -35 °C!

China Harbin Ice Festival

4.Visit the Terracotta Warriors

In 1974 a group of farmers digging a well around 20 miles from Xi’an (西安) stumbled across an area that contained over 8000 life sized terra cotta statues. The site they had uncovered was the burial place of Emperor Qin. It was later found to be the largest burial complex in the world with its 20 square miles. It is believed over 700,000 workers helped to create the burial site and terracotta statues- with each figure displaying unique features. The tomb and warriors were designed to protect the first Emperor of China in his afterlife, and is one of our final stops on our Silk Road Tour !

China Xi'an Terracotta Army

5.Take a boat trip along The Bund

The Bund is one of the highlights of our Discover Shanghai trip. It is one of China’s most recognizable symbols and is located on the western side of Shanghai’s Huangpu River. It runs for about 1 mile and is a great display of architecture, modern skyscrapers and excitement. The Bund was originally a British settlement and was used as a major trading port in the 1800’s. It then became the center of the city’s economy and culture and is a great place to learn more about China’s colonial history. Not only does it provide a stunning night time view, the Bund’s boulevard has a much more international feel than most of China.

The Bund Shanghai


Is there anything else you think you be in this top 5 China bucket list? Let us know!

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