Jose’s life changing experience.

Jose’ is a student from Kantonsschule am Bruehl from Switzerland. We have been helping his school organize summer school trips to China for some years now and Jose particpated in the summer 2017 edition.

Together with other students from Kantonsschule am Bruehl, he first flew to Shanghai to attend our 4 days World Youth Economic Forum. After the forum, he then set off for a trip along the Silk Road to discover the route of the merchants. We asked him some questions about his summer trip 2017 in China and why he would encourage other students to live a similar experience. Read on!

Jose during the World Youth Economic Forum in Shanghai

Q1: When did you come to China?

I went there on summer 2017. After 4 days of Forum (WYEF) we travelled through China for 2 weeks.

Q2: How did you hear about ASDAN WYEF & Silk road trip and why did you chose go ?

My school introduced me to it. My school offers it as a gift for good students and I think that’s a great technique to motivate students.

Q3: What was the best moment during your ASDAN China trip?

The moment I felt the best was when I got the Best Delegate Award (during WYEF 2017) in my committee. All the hard work payed off at that moment

Q4: What are the 2 interesting things about China you discovered that the average person doesn’t know?

They use to drink hot water during the meals and they aren’t as shy as they seem. If you talk to them they will open themselves to you.

Q5: What did you learn about yourself?

I learned where my limits are in terms of traveling and living under not luxurious conditions. It was an awesome experience.

Kantonsschule am Bruehl on the Silk Road China

Q6: Why would you recommend this experience to other international high school students?

Because they are young like me and they should make the same wonderful experiences to widen their horizon.

Q7: If you had to describe your ASDAN China trip in 1 sentence, what would it be?

An experience I would have regretted missing, a life changing experience.

Kantonsschule am Bruehl on the Silk Road China

Click here for more picture of the Silk Road tour! And if you would like your classroom to live a similar experience as Jose, send us an email at

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