5 reasons why Beijing has something for every type of student

Travelling to a new place always means new lessons learnt, especially for young learners. So what Beijing – the capital of China can offer your students?

1. Nurture future architects with Great Wall excursion

The rumour is true: The Great Wall is indeed great! And so is everything about it: the length, the structure, the fascinating history and the whole unbelievable construction process! By visiting the place in person, students can understand the purpose of the Wall, see how that purpose decided its serpentine design, and touch to feel how this spectacular World Heritage has changed over time.


Great Wall of China

(Great Wall of China – Source: nouahsark)

Beyond expectations, the story of how and what people from thousands of years ago had to sacrifice in order to construct such an architectural masterpiece will really leave the students with awe and amazement. Visiting the Great Wall will undoubtedly be one of the best travel experiences your students will ever have in their student times.

2. Boost up the energy with Acrobatic show and Tai-chi class

Are your students fans of Karate Kid? Do they always try to copy the moves of Bruce Lee?

If the answers are yes, then your children cannot miss the Tai-chi class in which they can live up to their interests. By joining a martial class, your students can keep for themselves some really useful self-defence techniques while having fun practices with their friends. The Tai-chi master will help them avoid muscle soreness from a long day travelling with the morning exercise.

Or are they simply playful teenagers who enjoy actions and adventures?

If the answer is yes as well, let’s them get entertained with a thrilling night of high-flying and death-defying acts in an Acrobatic show performed at Chaoyang Theater. Here, the show with juggling, rope-walking, knife-swallowing will make their jaws dropped and eyes wide opened.

China Acrobatic Show

(Acrobatic Show – Source: Internet)

3. Inspire artistic souls at 798 Art Zone

Was renovated from an old factory in industrial area, 798 is a fantastic art center in Beijing with so many unique collections of artists and designers who represent the “New China”. There, students will be inspired by not only the creative art works but also the one-of-a-kind structure of 798 itself. They will find enjoyment in exploring the exhibitions all the time, ranging from contemporary-style paintings, cultural centers, to great installations with extraordinary visual performances, or even a dinosaur exhibition. What is more, there are even some galleries where your kids can actually make arts, which will surely stimulate their imagination and curiosity with hands-on experience.

Beijing 798 Art District

(798 Art Zone – Source: WordPress)

4.Raise the love for language through Chinese Calligraphy class

Your students have always wanted to adopt Chinese but still find the complicating characters hard to remember? Learn and practice the art of writing Chinese characters with local masters! Calligraphy will tell students interesting stories behind each Chinese character, which will help them remember longer and deeper. Chinese Calligraphy classes are always wide choices of teachers when taking children to Beijing as these activities also help them cultivate a good habit of paying attention to details.

China Calligraphy

(Chinese Calligraphy – source: Vision Times)

5. Encourage curiosity with cultural details

Beijing is not always at fast pace as many people might think. Slow down a bit to enjoy the atmosphere, and the students will be more than surprised to discover all kinds of hidden gems there: the oriental patterns of old houses in Hutong, the embodied treasures stored in the Forbidden City, the traditional decorations on red lanterns, or even just the imparted colorful pebbles along sidewalks. Providing kids with cameras, you will be surprised to see how curious and detailed your students are!

If you are not ready to bring your students to Beijing, our previous article about how to prepare for a school trip abroad can maybe help you.