How to See The Silk Road

About The Silk Road

The Silk Road was established during the Han Dynasty of China.  It was in fact not actually a road, but a 4000 mile long network of trading routes. It linked regions from China all the way to Europe in order to trade goods. Whilst this exchange of goods was the primary reason for establishing a Silk Road, the greatest value came from an exchange of culture.The first documented journey came from Marco Polo, a European explorer who traveled from Italy to China in 1275, giving Europeans a deeper understanding of Asian culture and commerce. We are sharing with you some of our favorite things to do from our Silk Road tour!

Sunset in the Dunhuang desertCamel ride in Dunhuang

1. Stay in a Kazak Ethnic Village

Be welcomed by Nomad Kazak families who will show you what their village has to offer and will give you insight into their culture and customs. Not only that, you can spend the day hiking beautiful mountains and visiting scenic waterfalls!

2. Visit the ruins of an Ancient Silk Road city

Jiaohe City was a major destination on the Silk Road Trade route until destroyed by Ghenghis Khan in the 13th century. Here you will have the unique chance to see the relics of this city, learn more about its history and imagine its former glory.

3. Explore the Dunhuang Mogao Caves

Visit one of the greatest Buddhist Caves in the desert! Religion is very important to the people in this region. With thousands of Buddha statues and precious paintings, students learn much more about the local culture and can marvel at the vast amounts of things on display.

4. Camp in the desert

Watch the stars whilst camping in the desert in this truly unique experience! You will spend the night out in the wilderness with our experienced guides. Not only that you will have the opportunity to ride camels across the desert and surf on the sand dunes.

5. Visit the Terracotta warriors

Visit the world famous Terracotta Warriors and the 8,000 soldiers designed to protect the first Emperor in his after-life. Afterwards you will have the opportunity to cycle along the ancient Great Wall in Xian!

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Biking on the Xi'an city wall

Xi'an Terracotta Army