New York Film Academy Summer School (Beijing)
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New York Film Academy Summer School (Beijing) About us Summary Teaching Methodology Timetable Teachers Outcomes Application Information 010-84828941 Sign up Phone • East China:Mr.Lee 18611976323 • North and Northeast China:Miss.Chen 18610343436 • South and Southwest China:Mr.Fu 13811389384 • Northwest and … Read More

The Silk Road
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Linking the East and the West, The Silk Road played a major role in commodity exchange as well as acting as cultural bridge between those 2 regions. As we believe in continuous skill improvement, this Silk Road tour is also an opportunity for students to experience the route through field research and be the director of their own documentary. Join us on this 14 day trip with stops in the city of Urumichi, the desert of Dunhuang and at the must see Terracotta Warriors of Xi’an.… Read More