Date: November, 2018 14:00-15:30 (90 min)


Physics Unlimited provides opportunities for students to learn physics and math while exhibiting their problem solving skills. This includes overseeing national and international chapters that would organize events at institutions of higher education. The primary mission of our non-profit organization is to steadily expand the efforts of the independently run Princeton University Physics Competition on a global scale. Princeton Physics Competition offers onsite exams in Princeton, while the international and online exams are offered by Physics Unlimited. Students of all sites compete on the same papers with general ranking together.

Competition Rules




19th November, 2017 (Sunday) 14:00-15:30 (90 min)


Northern China: School of Science, Beijing Jiaotong University (Beijing)
Southern China: Southern University of Science and Technology (Shenzhen)
Eastern China: Shanghai World Foreign Language Academy (Shanghai)
Western China: Confucius International School Chengdu (Chengdu)
Central China: WHBC of Wuhan Foreign Languages School (Wuhan)


Individual written test

Qualifying Students

High school students


Gold: Around 2%
Silver: Around 4%
Bronze: Around 7%
Honorable awards: Around 14%



Includes exam, grading and certificate fees, proctor fee, international post and sample questions fee

Registration Deadline

From 1st September to 5th November, 2017

Registration Steps

  • Click here to register.
  • Register and pay online, and you can download past exams and all preparation materials.

Sample Problems