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Date: 22 -25 August 2019


MITMUNC is a premier Model UN conference in which students from all over the world come together to solve the most pressing issues facing society today. Every February, over hundreds of high school students from different corners of the globe will come together at MIT’s internationally recognized campus to participate in MITMUNC. MITMUNC China will be run by talented MIT undergraduate students who, apart from their diverse academic and extracurricular endeavors, are interested in fueling the conversations that will lead towards the solutions to the world’s most pressing issues.


Ulink College of Shanghai

Aug 24th -26th,2018

Ulink College of Shanghai ( Shanghai)



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Welcome to MITMUNC China 2018

Dear Model UN Advisor,
My name is Madeline Zhang and I will be a junior at MIT this fall studying Computer Science and Engineering. It is my utmost pleasure and distinct privilege to cordially invite you to the second annual edition of the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Model United Nations Conference in China.

MITMUNC China marks an important cornerstone in the history of MITMUNC as our first conference taking place outside of the United States. MITMUNC China 2018 is a three day conference taking place from August 24th-26th, 2018. As such, it brings together a wonderful crop of young minds from across China to engage in cultural exchange and gain negotiating tactics practice by working together to discuss and solve real world international issues. We will host six committees, with topics that range from high risk migrant movements across the Mediterranean to nuclear power as a sustainable source of energy to the Turkish accession to the EU. We are very grateful for the help of ASDAN China, our generous partner who is co-hosting this conference along with us.

Thank you, and we hope you will decide to join us for MITMUNC China 2018.

Madeline Zhang
Secretary General MITMUNC China 2018

Madeline Zhang

MIT Computer Science, engineering

MITMUNC China Secretary General

Why MITMUNC China?

Broaden students' horizons in international politics and economics

Develop public speaking, debating, reading and research skills

Make new friends from all over the world

Outstanding delegates will gain ASDAN Leadership Awards

Winners are invited to the United States to participate in the 2019 MITMUNC

2018 Committees

Open Borders, Technology, and International Peace & Cooperation

Association of Southeast Asian Nations
Effective Implementation of Women’s Economic Rights
Legislation in the Asia
The Association of Southeast Asian Nations, comprised of ten South Asian countries and other non-voting nations in the region, is uniquely positioned to effect change. Through intergovernmental cooperation that still respects member countries' independence, ASEAN leads the way when it comes to sociocultural, economic, and political issues, such as women's economic rights and the prevalence of drug trafficking.
World Trade Organization
Carbon Trade
Hyperinflation in developing countries
Carbon trading, or emmissions trading allows countries to trade their rights to emit greenhouse gasses among each other. Hyperinflation in developing countries is a serious issue whereby the value of a country's currency rapidly devalues in a short amount of time.
European Union
EU Military
Turkish Accession to the EU
Each EU member maintains its own military force to carry out defense, peacekeeping, and security operations in accordance with each nation’s specific military needs. Despite promising accession talks in the past, Turkish accession have ground to a standstill and public life in Turkey has now been dominated by political polarization, a rise in ethnic tensions, and an enormous centralization of power.
International Atomic Energy Agency
Waste Reduction Methods
Non-Proliferation Treaty Renegotiation
Renewable energy is only increasing in popularity throughout the world; if nuclear power is to continue to flourish as a safe and clean power source, key issues must be resolved. Delegates will discuss methods for reducing and safely disposing of nuclear waste, which can remian dangerously radioactive for decades after production; they will also renegotiate nucelar non-proliferation, as the threat of nucelear weapons will grow with increasing dependence on nucelar power.  
United Nations Environment Programme
Addressing the Proliferation of Microplastic in Our Environment
Advancing the Green Economy of the World and Decreasing Global Reliance on Fossil Fuels
The world has become too reliant on abusing its resources for progress. In order to ensure the security of the future, the UN Environment Program aims to set the global environmental agenda, promote the coherent implementation of the environmental dimension of sustainable development within the United Nations system, and serve as an authoritative advocate for the global environment.
International Monetary Fund
Cryptocurrency Regulation
Greek Bailout
Crytocurrency regulation becomes increasingly necessary with the success of crytocurrencies such as Bitcoin. The Greek government-debt crisis has had international ramifications and will continue to do so as Greece is set to have a new round of economic reforms this summer.

2018 Presidium

I am a sophomore at MIT studying Computer Science and Engineering. MUN has been part of my life since high school, as I participated both as a delegate in conferences and as a chair at the conference my high school MUN team organized, and now help organize MITMUNC at MIT. On campus, I am part of a sorority, Pi Beta Phi, and ProjX, a club that funds student projects. In my free time, I like to listen to music, read, and travel. I'm beyond excited to be returning to MITMUNC China this year as the chair of ASEAN.

Karunya Sethuraman

MIT Computer Science and Engineering
I will be an incoming senior at MIT this year, pursuing degrees in both Mathematics and Computer Science. I am especially interested in the areas of applied probabilistic inference and machine learning. Apart from academics, I have been an active member of a fraternity since joining MIT, and have taken on various leadership roles as a result. After completing my studies, I plan to work in the financial industry. Lastly, it is my pleasure to once again be a director for MITMUNC China. I look forward to meeting all of you this summer!

Arjun Mithal

MIT Mathematics & Computer Science
I am a sophomore at MIT majoring in Computer Science and Molecular Biology with a minor in Ancient and Medieval Studies. On campus, I’m involved in Outreach programs through the Society of Women Engineers where I run math and science programs for K-12 students. Previously, I chaired for the IMF committee at MITMUNC IX and served as the Public Relations Director for MITMUNC X. I’m deeply grateful for my experience with MIT Model UN and all that I have learned about diplomacy and international affairs, and I’m excited to share those experiences as chair of the European Union Committee at MITMUNC China.

Emma Bernstein

MIT Computer Science and Molecular Biology
I am a junior at MIT majoring in Physics. Previously, I've helped chair a variety of committees with MITMUNC such as the European Union and the Economic Commission for Latin America and the Caribbean. I'm very excited to see what kinds of ideas and solutions you all come up with!

Radha Mastandrea

MIT Physics
I'm currently a sophomore aiming to major in Chemistry with a minor in Computer Science and Engineering. I recently started getting involved in Model UN at MIT but the journey so far has been amazing, meeting students from around the world coming together for an unforgettable experience. Outside of MITMUNC, I spend my time as part of the Cummins Research Group and help explore & discover the applications of various Phosphorus compounds to the real world. While I'm not busy, I love to make origami, watch random TV shows and look for cute stuffed animals.

Miller Tan

MIT Chemistry
I am a senior studying Computer Science with a Minor in Economics. I've chaired for MITMUNC and have served on the Secretariat for the past three years after having competed in the local Model UN circuit in San Juan, Puerto Rico during high school. I am an active member of the fraternity of Delta Psi (Number Six Club), speak four languages (can you guess what they are?), and love playing volleyball

William Rodriguez

MIT Computer Science and Engineering & Economics

Conference Dates

Time: 24-26th August 2018 (Friday - Sunday) Location: Shanghai Language: English

24th August
17:00-19:00: Students arrive
19:00-20:00: Opening ceremony by Secretary-General & Invited Speaker
20:00-22:00: 1st Committee Session
25th August
09:00-12:00: 2nd Committee Session
12:00-13:00: LUNCH
13:00-16:00: 3rd Committee Session
16:30-19:30: 4th Committee Session
20:30-21:30: Ivy League Session
26th August
09:00-12:00: Final (5th) Committee Session
12:00-13:00: LUNCH
14:00-15:00: Closing Ceremony & Awards



Each committee will present the following awards:

Best Delegate: 1 delegate
Best Position Paper: 1 delegate
Outstanding Delegate: 4 delegates
Honorable Mention: 5 delegates

All delegates will receive:

Certificate of Completion from MITMUNC CHINA

The top 30% of excellent delegates:

'Leadership Award' from ASDAN



1. You can register here.
2. After your registration to MITMUNC China has been confirmed, you will receive an email with more information to complete payment.


20th July 2018 (Friday)

*Background guides will be released on July 13th, and please keep in mind that the deadline for position paper is August 15th.

Refund policy

1.After registration and payment, if any students withdraw before 20th July, 80 % of delegate fee and logistic fee will be refund.
2.After registration and payment, if any students withdraw from 20th July – 10th Aug we will provide30 % refund of delegate fee.
3.From 11th Aug, all the application for refunding are not acceptable, since we need to pay hotel in advance for the rooms.


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